Friday, 17 April 2009

Just over a week to go........

Due to some other work pressures, I have had to postpone my start up (or should that be re-start up) by one week. The reason for the delay, is that today is the day that I finished my 'regular' employment (one week later than planned), and so rather than dive straight in on Monday, I'm going to take a week out to clear the clutter that is in my head at the moment, get my dongle sorted out so that I can have my laptop on a mobile broadband package in case my desktop Internet connection goes down, and to plaster the wall of the ''prepared office'' with A4 notes reminding me of the what I consider to be the biggest two hurdles that I am going to face. Discipline and Emotion.

I have touched on the discipline before, and no doubt It will be the subject of many more posts on this blog, but what is also fundamental to my potential success is emotion and the control of it.
I'd consider myself to be quite a deep person, who keeps his emotions in check, but my trading sessions last year had them flooding out. Highs, Lows, Despair, Anger, Frustration, Elation, they were all there, and so it is important that they stay bottled this time. Why? Well I found that with all these emotions flying about, the trading became quite, (quite)? OK, very stressful and I believe that in order to be successful at this game, you need to stay, as some successful traders out there refer to, as 'in the zone' - controlled, almost robot like, free of the shackles of the raging torrent that can quickly absorb you if let the emotions run riot.

So, it's back to my old mate Kwai Chang again...................................stay calm grasshopper, stay calm.

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