Tuesday, 28 April 2009

First Day and Out With a Few Scratches

So how did it go? The first day back in the 'Den'. - Well to be honest, it went OK. I came out with a loss and two reminders and a 7/10 Discipline score.

P/L for the day was - £16.04 with the last 6 races yielding a loss of £58.99, so I was doing reasonably well for the first couple of hours.

The reminders?

No.1 - The Clock - Just to ease myself in I tried a few greyhound races and got caught with a trade still in which resulted in a loss of £15. I did try and prevent this happening by listening to WH radio whilst trading but the suspension came before WH radio announced that they were all in the traps or that they were about to go off, so if I ever trade the dogs again, I'll use the real clock to determine when to close everything off.

No.2 - Multiple Books in the bookmaking option can be very expensive in the event of a late withdrawal. - This was annoying as I have fell fowl of this before, and I had this down as a point to beware of, but I'd forgot about it, and with 3 x £300 books on a handicap race already in and many horses already in the stalls, what happens?, well with seconds to go?, the 2nd fav is pulled out - Result - A loss of £18.49 on the race. Bum! (it was a little stronger than that yesterday)

7/10 Discipline? - Well, this was to do with the point above, where I was a little peeved at the loss due to the withdrawal. The race I traded was a competitive handicap and so I again did the 3 x £300 books, but this time with the 2nd fav drifting like a barge I continued to open fresh books - which is deadly, and so I paid the price with a £28.04 loss. Silly loss. Discipline Loss. I spotted the drift and should have closed the book and switched to a swing trade. Anyway, net net, only two races traded using the bookmaking tools and £46.53 loss, but lessons learnt, and that's a positive. So, onwards and upwards Ostlers, and at the end of the week, I'm hoping that I'll be able to post a green.


  1. Back in the action. You showed some discipline by quitting for the day and taking the daily loss. One day, as you know means nothing ...it's the monthly total that has some significance.

    All the best to you.

  2. the prices, just before the race is due off, are far too volatile to use the bookmaker option! I only use this option during the morning setting prices to the gaps and have a fair amount of success doing this it used to be possible, around three years ago, to make a late book but i've found it can be costly nowadays. Good luck