Monday, 23 March 2009

Looking for Pointers

Over the past week I have spent much of my time reading other blogs looking for pointers, lessons to be learned etc, and it's good to see other traders having the same roller-coaster ride that I expect to experience. There are some spectacular traders out there, Adam Heathcote and Peter Webb to name just two, but there are also many small traders who are just looking to make a living, and that is my initial goal too.

When I start trading on 20th April, my three mains aims will be discipline, discipline and discipline :-) and, to help myself along in the early stages, I am going to throw some discipline into the pot as well. In fact to be honest, I think I could do with a couple of weeks in the camp that Kwai Chang Caine (Michael Carradine) left at the start of the Kung Fu series of the seventies, because discipline, Grasshopper, is a must in this game.

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