Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Week 03 Result - Loss of £219.52

As the title suggests, Week 03 was not a good week, primarily caused by a simple mistake followed by a lack of discipline.

The week to start was good, but as with all novice and bad traders, the one mistake wiped out many hours of good work. The mistake I made? Well, it was the bookmaking tool again, where with seconds to go before the off, I pressed the close button instead of the cancel button on one horse, one that had drifted from 36/1 to 84.07/1 and in so hitting the close button laid the horse at it's current price, and you've guessed it - it won. I never even saw it because it was so low down the page. I thought I'd greened up on the race, when in fact the one down the bottom had a liability of £185.77. - In anger and frustration I then proceeded to make a lot of rash entry points which cost me £64 over the next 4 races, followed by a desperation plunge of £50 on a football match where the opposition scored about 10 minutes after I had backed the favourite. I wouldn't mind, I don't trade football, but the plot was lost temporarily and in total I ended up with a loss of almost £270 on the day, all caused by one initial error.

It's done. I stopped trading for a week, read and re-read all the info I have on trading that I have amassed over the last year or so and now I'm ready, one bite mark healing nicely, and mindset ready to face the lions again.

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